Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices) - Cassandra Clare Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Claire Book Review  As it appears on  Accidental Reader: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Claire book review
 As always I don;t know what to say about Claire's books. The use of words and the depth of the characters take you to 1880's London and make not to want to leave.     First of all, this book is a little more different from the first one. To be honest I thought that I would drop the first one because (let's face it) it was a little bit boring.   This one though is so much different. It's so much more intense and has so many scenes that are romantic and sexy but also so so so annoying because we all know Claire and how she likes to torture her characters (and the readers too). Claire takes the love triangle in a whole other level. It makes you wanna rip the pages from the book with utter madness. I don;t want to spoil it for you but there is going to be a lot of disappointment in the end for most of us.         The depth of the characters is amazingly good, I love the bromance of Jem and Will and I hate that both of them love Tessa and each one of them is so proud to talk to each other about their feelings until the very end where everything goes to hell and it's too late for a certain one.         For some reason Will reminds of Jace (Mortal Instruments) and to be honest although a little fun and familiar it is kinda boring, at least Claire would change Will a bit and make him more of a...gentleman since we are talking about Queen Victoria's London.        Tessa on the other side is a whole new characters (at least for me). Altough brave and generous, she seems to lose it big time in the end of the book giving the reader the impression that she is doing things she doesn't want to do but need to be done out of pity...and that is bad. But as a weak person that I am Tessa has a special spot in my heart for being so good.         Jem in this books is more adorable than ever and more sexy than ever all at the same time. Although, I will never forgive him for doing what he did.This is a really sad book and I am afraid that the next one will be much much worse.               Overall Claire did an incredible job with the book and Im not disappointed at all at it because honestly it drives you crazy with anticipation and pure agony.