Reflected in You

Reflected in You - Sylvia Day As it appears on The Accidental Reader: Reflected In You by Sylvia Day book review

In the second book of the Crossfire trilogy we have the whole cliche plot...the chaos. The first book was amazing in its own way this one broke my heart even further although I couldnt connect to Eva as I connected to Gideon.

I felt Gideons feelings more in this book than in the first and I think it had to do with his absence. The couple fought all the time that Gideon always left and never came back for days. Both of them are stubborn and stupid but I hated Eva with all my heart in this one.

To be honest the second installation of the book isn't anything great because we all have seen this before (Twilight, Evermore, Fifty Shades etc etc etc) but Day has a way with words that keeps you reading and reading and reading until you reach a point where you say more. This book is a lot more intense and heart breaking than the first one and I wonder that the hell will happen on the third one.

I liked the way she connected things although some of them go unsolved or unmentioned and end up being lost in those snakepits where the reader just asks why did this happen? or what happened to this?

Put this aside you have a good book of sex (hm hm porn) with a little twist of romanticism and sadism (Submissive and the Alpha male), I like that a lot and like a said the way the book is written makes you want more.

To wrap it up, in this boo dont expect anything new its just a book of sex with some spices thrown in and a very good writer to move its strings.
On with the Third One.