My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick This is none of my favorite books!!!

The Plot:
it was amazing to finally read a love story that it takes its time, deals with real life problems and moms and slowly bloom into an unconditional love! it was amazing. the author gave time to the main characters to develop their relationship and eventually take it to the next level. it seemed so natural and i wanted to read more and more and more.

The Characters:
Fully developed and each one had to deal with its own demons. The author gives you a clear view of each one and you immediately know if you gonna like them or not. e.x. Sam;s mom is a total bitch and you know that from page one as the book moves on you find more reasons to hate her and in the end you hate her even more for what she did.

The Language:
The language that is being used in the book is appropriate you dont find yourself reading the same words over and over again to the point you want to tear the book in half. the use of metaphores is great and beautiful.

its a great summer reading book and i would totally recommend it.