Nobody But Us

Nobody But Us - Kristin Halbrook 3.5 stars and thats because i didnt like the ending...its so not fair.

i loved loved loved this book. initially i didnt know if reading it would be a great idea because all of us know where the runaways end up. and i tend to be one of those people who think about a book for a long time after they finished it.

anyways i am so glad i read this book it was great!!!!
the story was awesome and i liked that you could see the thoughts and actions of two people through their perspectives!!!

what i didnt like was the ending and that the main characters acted really really stupid at some points in the book.it felt like they didnt think before they acted which made me pull my hair is despair.

i totally recommend this book although i have to warn you that you will totally get dissapointed with the ending!!!