The Dead-Tossed Waves

The Dead-Tossed Waves - Carrie Ryan I finally read the second book of the trilogy of the Forest of Hands and Teeth and i have to say that i cant compare it with the first book because i read it 3 years ago and i dont remember much apart from the fact that some author messes really really bad with the love triangles.

i was a little dissappointed with this book. if i am right (at least in fiction) when you come face to face with a zombie or an infection you just run the other way and pray that you wont be next. In this particular book this rule didnt apply. there was a lot self-discovery with an infected guy that i would love not to see infected cuz he was so awesome.
Now, Ryan tell me what is your problem and in both books have a love triangle with one guy turning into an infected person about to turn in any moment. what is your problem with one on one romance and the probability of things taking its course. aaahhhh...

the plot was fast..i found myself turning the pages like crazy at some parts because of the agony that the story-telling created and i admit that i was scared. i give that to Ryan. i dont see that often, its rare and its great.

i gave three books to this book because it was stupid when it came to love triangles etc..i would like to see something different in the second installation....off to the third now.