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One thing that Jennifer Armentrout is for sure is a book thief...and I don;t mean Markus Zusak's book thief. All of the series are pretty similar with Twilight and all the cliche love stories but one good thing the author of the Lux series does is to create amazing characters.

This installation of the book is much much more adventurous and nerve racking. The characters are so good developed that you even feel for the second protagonists of the book that they don't play big roles. I think that the story wouldn't be that successful without them.

A lot of scenes are predictable and you also see a lot of situations coming which doesn't leave much anticipation to the reader unfortunately but what I liked is how well the action-Part of the book was written. You could actually feel the fear and ''see'' the whole battle scene which for me was amazing. Not a lot of authors can do that. Fear blends with terror and for a brief second affection between the main characters which takes the plot to a whole different level.

So the book had it's flaws and also the goods but I love and hate how it ended. It just leaves you there hanging until the release of the last installation of the series and that makes me want to cry. I don't know what else to say without spoiling it to you so im gonna leave it here and hope you enjoy the book!!