Towering - Alex Flinn The review will also be available at : The Reader: Towering book review

I finally finished reading Towering's not that good. I thought that Flinn created a nice retelling of a classic story that every kid heard before going to bed but i was wrong. This book is nothing like's inferior to it.

Let's start with the characters:
To be honest although i am a die hard for romance novels i hate insta-love. I want the characters to make each other suffer a little before confessing to each other, i want to feel this agony, this craziness that makes me turn pages like crazy in order to finally read the part where they get together and i didn;t experience that in this book...not at all. When Wyatt met Rachel it was boring and lacked the sparkle. The author wanted us to feel the same thing as Wyatt and Rachel but her attempt fell flat. And no it's not the fact that i have read so many books that i find nothing fascinating anymore, because with Easy by Tamara Webber i was shivering with every scene i read.
Their relationship seems superficial and the only part that gives you a slight glimpse of their actual connection comes for a couple pages and then fades away in the author's rush to finish the book.

The Plot:
It was pretty good for a fairy tale retelling...modernly. I didn;t see the twist coming and to be completely truthful with you i didn't even had the slightest suspicion of what would happen.That was great of her.
Now what put me completely off was the ending. Although Flinn made a great job with keeping you reading ,choosing carefully her words did a terrible mistake (unforgivable) with the ending.

The Ending:
I found the last few chapters of the book completely stupid. It dind;t make any sense and i felt like the author wanted to get the book out of the way as fast as she could. It was rushed and not well written and i really wanted to give up on the last 20 pages. Why would you write a whole book and just change your attitude towards the end???? It was disappointing.

I don't know if i would like to spend my time reading this book on reading something else but i now know that i wont be reading any other books of Flinn unless something really good comes up. Although it kept me reading i would prefer it if it was a written a little more careful.