Simply Irresistible

Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis ">As it appears on The Accidental Reader book reviews and more

This book made me laugh, cry, love and do the same stuff all over again. In other words is a love story about finding yourself and taking control of your life.

I don;t have a lot to say about this book because it is just a cliche love story with a lot of humor. The writing was amazing and the characters were more than just developed. I believe that any reader will be able to find himself in one of the characters.

I loved Jax so much. He is hot, sexy, romantic, understanding and so so so so good it hurts. For a second i thought he was the ultimate boyfriend and made me look at mine with a whole another perspective hahah. What I didnl;t like is that the author made him too good to be true and that is kind of stupid, it felt like he was a superhero with no faults at all.

The whole book itself was a nice experience to me. The description was amazing that I thought I was next to Jax and Maddie walking around Lucky Harbor.

I totally totally recommend this book.