Entwined with You

Entwined with You - Sylvia Day As it appears on the Accidental Reader: Entwined With You book review

Finally I finished the Crossfire Series (although it's n0t the last book I wont continue with book number 4).

My personal opinion is, now that I read all 3 books, that Day dragged the story a looootttt. Actually there is not anything really new going on in this book except from the suspect for the death of Nathan.
Sex is the same, obsession is the same the only thing that kind of changes is where everything takes place and how Eva falls harder for Gideon than ever before and agrees to marry him.

What I didn't like is that in this installment of the series I didn't have the chance to connect with any of the characters of the book and that was more than just a little disappointing. The only one that I continue to have feelings for is Eva's mother - that bitch needs to die.

Actually I dont' have anything more to say about this book and if you need more well read the reviews of the first two books - it;s pretty much the same.

Again I wouldn't recommend this book to someone under the age of 17 due to messed up sexual content.