Matched - Ally Condie As it appears on theAccidental Reader

When this book released back in 2010 i didn;t want to read it because of all the aftermath of the Hunger Games and the infamous controlling society. Well, now that i read it I felt so guilty and stupid that i didn;t earlier.

The story takes place in the future, in a world where The Society rules everything and in a world where people are being watched and monitored all the time. In a world where there is no knowledge of history and art and any chance of creation. In a society where they choose who to marry and love...and then we meet Cassia. A girl that obeys all the rules and does everything by the book until she sees Ky and reads a poem. Then everything changes.

Being fascinated by the boy she can't have and being intrigued by his otherworldly knowledge of things she never knew Cassia finds herself falling deeper in love. I loved the way the author took his time with the characters. You can actually feel the need to read more and lose yourself in the magical and painful world of Ky and Cassia.

This book is all about taking control of your life and be who you want to be. Do what you want and get what you want. It;s a book about the power every person hides inside him and how he or she decided to use it. I hated the Society a lot and i actually thought that i could never live in a world like this and that made me feel more about the characters. The characters are well developed and down to earth, to the point where you can actually relate yourself to them.

This book is all about revolution and you can feel it in every single page. I am sure that all the fans on Divergent and The Hunger Games will love love love this book.