A Beautiful Wedding

A Beautiful Wedding - Jamie McGuire
The Accidental Reader

Well finally, finally, finally, i get to write the review. Agh. Usually I don't like novelas because after i finish the book i want more but this is not the case here.

I loved this one because you get an insight of the situation Abby and Travis got married under. Abby had her reasons for proposing and to be honest I couldn;t agree more with her. You actually feel the anguish and the agony to save him from whatever's coming for him and you get to see a sweeter and more loving side of Travis. He broke my heart and made me love him more.

Although, a lot of people didn;t like the idea of marriage after a year of being together this book justifies the reason it happened...the factors that led them there and what impact it had on both of them. How it changed them within a day and how that made their love even stronger.

No this story is not a 100% happy one. Its not about flowers and hearts and angels but its all about the sacrifice you are ready to do for a person you love and care for even if it breaks your own heart.It made me think of my own marriage and what i would sacrifice for my husband if it came to a difficult situation.

I think this book will please everyone who read Beautiful Disaster and got disappointed with the lack of the marriage description and why it led them there.