You are Not Alone: Michael: Through a Brother's Eyes

You are Not Alone: Michael: Through a Brother's Eyes - Jermaine Jackson First of all i am a huge fan of michael jackson. i read lots of books about him from various authors who claimed they knew Mj but this book puts everything in order.
Jermaine wrote a book that sets the truth straight.

He starts with the childhood years and how hard they trained to become singers and dancers and here a lot of questions are being answered about michaels personality. ..and by that i mean the masks he wore, the way he worked etc etc.

He continues to the era of michael being a solo artist and how he lost touch with his family andthe people that were around him. He woild sometimes go on and say that he didnt trust certain people and that people did things without him knowing.

Some of us think that people treated him as an icon all the time but not the people he worked with...some of them treated him like trash and michael didnt like the way he was being talked to.
At last the book concludes to the Neverland Years when michael faced pedophilia charges and how he responded and felt. What striked me was the michael had a 5 year plan on 2008 and that the This is It concerts wouldnt be the last ones.

I will leave the book to you to read and make your own judgements but what i have to say is that this is the only book that you need to read about michael. It will solve a lot of questions and make you see michael differently.