Bared to You

Bared to You - Sylvia Day As it appears on The Accidental Reader: Bared to You Book Review by Eleni

I have to say that this is my second romance - erotica novel that i have read and it is phenomenal.
Although, at some points its cheesy the way that Day writes made me turn the pages like crazy.

This book contains strong language and crazy love scenes that i would only recommend to hormone mature people...

I loved the characters and how well are made, how their flaws match with our own and how i was bonded with them. I loved the whole dominant male and Day did a really good job with the sex god Gideon Cross who is now one of my favorite book characters. He is not perfect but he is awesome in his own hot steamy sexy way and i love love love him for that.

Eva on the other side is the broken heroin that saves the broken hero. Its cheesy and classic on this particular genre (but not only) but its made so good that the whole things comes to match the needs of a woman in love. She has her insecurities and her demands and jealousy is something i can totally relate with.

The sex scenes were amazing and the language had nothing to do with 50 was a lot more intense and weird at some points but it totally made you feel things.

The books explores the side effects of sexual (and not only) abuse two people suffered and how they did with it in a relationship. How it affects them and what they try to do to make the situations better. So the whole book isn't only about sex but also about healing and understanding and dealing with your past and the wounds it left on you.

I'm totally reading book two and three.