Angel Evolution

Angel Evolution - David Estes The Accidental Reader: Book Reviews

What the Hell was I thinking? I spend like 2 days of my entire life just to read this book -which by the way I didn;t finish for like 100 and something pages. I regret everything.

I wasn't expecting much from this book , it reminded me of the Hush Hush trilogy which by the way is awesome ,so I picked it up and started reading it. The first thing that actually hit me where the dialogues.
To me they seemed really really forced and unatural and sooooooooooooooo freaking cliche. The characters themselved did not have a solid background and I could not ''bond'' with them the way I should or a reader should. They show emotions so superficial that made me wonder if they just pretend to be depressed , in love or whatever.

Let's go over to the aspect of romance...where it is none! When Taylor meets Gabriel you will expect some romance. Instead Gabriel reveals some shit to her and she plays it off cool and thats it..they move on with their ''romance''. Even Bella reacted with the fact that Edward was a fucking vampire and the fact that she was irrevocably and irressistably in love with him -and Twilight was romance. In this book what you get is a ''TWO MONTHS LATER'' title and thats it. Basically I thought the author was bored enough to just get into the art of writing and developing a solid relationship between the main heroes of the book.

Apart from that the whole story with Angels and Demons and Gods etc was pretty interesting and it would be more if the writing was a little bit better. Thus the one star.