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Time After Time

Time After Time - Tamara Ireland Stone The Accidental Reader Book Reviews

These days its hard to find a really good book to read and lately i have been reading a lot of boring books. I expected a lot from this book due to the fact that the first one was indeed amazing ,this one lacked the enthusiasm of Time Between Us and somehow the narrative seemed slow and boring. Maybe because it was from Bennett;s point of view?

We have the classic love story with the distance of a decade in the middle of everything and that should make the whole plot a lot more intriguing and have more feeling in it but unfortunately I didn;t feel the rush at all. I want a book where I can feel the characters , i want to be able to develop feelings for them and want them to do certain things. In the first installment of the series I couldnt wait to have Bennett and Anna fall for each other, in this one I should have felt the urge to see them together..and I didn't and thats because of the writing.

The plot was great it had a lot of doubt and frustation and sadness but not in the detail a reader should expect..something which ruined the book for me. Other than that it was an okay book , it had equal amount of drama and fun in it ,lots of stupid stuff too and the classic i-dont-want-to-do-this-but-i-have-to-because-you-think-its-right-for-me-to-be-a-{insert word here} . Its a teen book like all the rest and besides the fact that it was boring in a level of apathy i read it because I wanted to see what will happen in the end ,seriously I will read book three because i think it will be great but i pray that someone intervene with the author and make her do some great changes in the development of the characters.

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Crossed  - Ally Condie The Accidental Reader Book Reviews

Personally, I wasn't so impressed with this one. And that's why it was so hard to rate this book. I didn't know if it deserves two stars or three but in the end i decided with three so the following reasons.

It's not an amazing book lets be clear about that. It is more like a cliche boy loves girl , girl loves boy, they risk everything for each other and one of them ends up doing something he considers wrong just to please the other person.

I expected this book to be a little more adventurous than the first one but in the end it was blant and boring. It was really really really predictable and for not even a second I didn;t doubt my guesses...and in the end I was right. But the writing was really good and although I wanted to drown myself, I continued reading because at some point I felt something for the main protagonists of the book. It was not strong but it was there so I finished the book.

As with all the young adult books , this one is not an exception of the rule , it follows the pattern of every second book - the couple loses each other and they both begin a journey of finding each other and themselves. Lame but what can we do.

The characters were okay and the descriptions were really good too but the plot needed a little more adventure and action and also the characters needed stronger targets. Stronger motivations for doing what they were doing.

Other than these I don;t have anything else to say about this book. It wasn't exciting and I expected a little bit more than that.

A Beautiful Wedding

A Beautiful Wedding - Jamie McGuire
The Accidental Reader

Well finally, finally, finally, i get to write the review. Agh. Usually I don't like novelas because after i finish the book i want more but this is not the case here.

I loved this one because you get an insight of the situation Abby and Travis got married under. Abby had her reasons for proposing and to be honest I couldn;t agree more with her. You actually feel the anguish and the agony to save him from whatever's coming for him and you get to see a sweeter and more loving side of Travis. He broke my heart and made me love him more.

Although, a lot of people didn;t like the idea of marriage after a year of being together this book justifies the reason it happened...the factors that led them there and what impact it had on both of them. How it changed them within a day and how that made their love even stronger.

No this story is not a 100% happy one. Its not about flowers and hearts and angels but its all about the sacrifice you are ready to do for a person you love and care for even if it breaks your own heart.It made me think of my own marriage and what i would sacrifice for my husband if it came to a difficult situation.

I think this book will please everyone who read Beautiful Disaster and got disappointed with the lack of the marriage description and why it led them there.

Angel Evolution

Angel Evolution - David Estes The Accidental Reader: Book Reviews

What the Hell was I thinking? I spend like 2 days of my entire life just to read this book -which by the way I didn;t finish for like 100 and something pages. I regret everything.

I wasn't expecting much from this book , it reminded me of the Hush Hush trilogy which by the way is awesome ,so I picked it up and started reading it. The first thing that actually hit me where the dialogues.
To me they seemed really really forced and unatural and sooooooooooooooo freaking cliche. The characters themselved did not have a solid background and I could not ''bond'' with them the way I should or a reader should. They show emotions so superficial that made me wonder if they just pretend to be depressed , in love or whatever.

Let's go over to the aspect of romance...where it is none! When Taylor meets Gabriel you will expect some romance. Instead Gabriel reveals some shit to her and she plays it off cool and thats it..they move on with their ''romance''. Even Bella reacted with the fact that Edward was a fucking vampire and the fact that she was irrevocably and irressistably in love with him -and Twilight was romance. In this book what you get is a ''TWO MONTHS LATER'' title and thats it. Basically I thought the author was bored enough to just get into the art of writing and developing a solid relationship between the main heroes of the book.

Apart from that the whole story with Angels and Demons and Gods etc was pretty interesting and it would be more if the writing was a little bit better. Thus the one star.


Unteachable - Leah Raeder The Accidental Reader: Book Reviews and More

This book is beautiful..simply and amazingly beautiful. It starts with the main protagonist Maise, being in a carnival during a summer night doing nothing but wander around. Since the first sentence, we know that we have nothing to do with the classic heroine that falls easily in love, that gets excited with boys, we have a cynical, sarcastic, wild and no- fucks- given- girl that the author crafted so carefully I thought Maise was real.Apart from that, the whole plot falls under the category of contemporary and it is a cliche love story but seriously the first two pages of the book did it for me and I couldn't stop reading until the book was finished.

The writing is so so so mesmerising and the words blend together in a way that makes you want to jump out of your bed ,chair whatever and run the world until you find real love. It's so intoxicating sometimes it hurt. While reading this book I remembered how I acted as a teenager in love , when you fear nothing and no one, you are your true self with no restraints and want nothing more that one person in your life. That's what I consider an amazing book, the ability of the author to make you relate with the characters and the story.

We dive into a real dysfanctional family with a long gone father and a mother who does nothing more than drink all day and according to Maise *suck her clients dicks in her van for more money* , while Maise has to fend for herself on her own. Her whole personality kind of reminds me of a slut or that is until she meets Evan at the carnival and then in his...classroom.

The forbidden love makes the whole relationship a lot more interesting and anticipating. Maise starts to change her view of the world and the people around her , Evan is just as cute and broken as her. Although, they both are in love they deal with their problems on their own, they box them up and put them in the back of their heads and those boxes are starting to make a wall so tall and crammed up until everything comes down. I loved the fact that they were understanding of each other no matter their age gap and made their mistakes as a couple and then learned and moved on after forgiving each other.

While they try to be careful with what they do and when there are slip ups and a dark figure obsessed with Maise documents her everyday life. Sneaking in classrooms and making out with your teachers must be a huge dose of adrenaline and recklessness and you lose track of time and place until someone sees you.
The narrating was in past tense giving the sense that Maise was in a different place and time when she was telling the story and that had an extra bit of biterness and sadness in it, I felt like I could hear the rise and fall of her voice while she was telling me the story. It was so alive.

The 75% of the book is fast and really really intimate. Although, I would like a little more talking between them than raw (sometimes) masochistic sex I liked the sex scenes a lot.

This is a book about growing up and learning from your mistakes, whether you are 18 or 33 you still make mistakes and you still learn. How a person can change her whole life in just a few months and how she sees things after she finds trust and love to the most forbidden person - her teacher.

Unteachable is the kind of book that I will read again some time soon...really soon. Hope you like it too.


Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout The Accidental Reader Book Reviews and more

One thing that Jennifer Armentrout is for sure is a book thief...and I don;t mean Markus Zusak's book thief. All of the series are pretty similar with Twilight and all the cliche love stories but one good thing the author of the Lux series does is to create amazing characters.

This installation of the book is much much more adventurous and nerve racking. The characters are so good developed that you even feel for the second protagonists of the book that they don't play big roles. I think that the story wouldn't be that successful without them.

A lot of scenes are predictable and you also see a lot of situations coming which doesn't leave much anticipation to the reader unfortunately but what I liked is how well the action-Part of the book was written. You could actually feel the fear and ''see'' the whole battle scene which for me was amazing. Not a lot of authors can do that. Fear blends with terror and for a brief second affection between the main characters which takes the plot to a whole different level.

So the book had it's flaws and also the goods but I love and hate how it ended. It just leaves you there hanging until the release of the last installation of the series and that makes me want to cry. I don't know what else to say without spoiling it to you so im gonna leave it here and hope you enjoy the book!!


Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout The Accidental Reader: Book Reviews and More

This book made me pull my hair so hard it actually hurt. I don;t know what the author was thinking.
There is so much action in this one than on the first two books of the series and seriously I liked that a lot..also the fact that we actually we get some action from Daemon and Katy helped on finishing Opal faster haha.

I hated that Dee and Katy had a silent fallout and the missing parent thing really started to grow on me. I mean okay we know Katy's mother is working but she can't be absent from the house for days and having her 18 year old daughter running around with a bunch of aliens - no mother would allow that.

I hated Blake more that anything in this one too. I started to like the guy at the second book but he fucked everything up during the end and in this one is no different. First he does the unforgivable to Katy and then he does the ultimate sin - im not gonna say.

Daemon is the only one that doesn't annoy me. He is so so so cute and adorable the whole time that I really wanna kiss him. And YES the book is emotional ,the reader will go through a bunch of emotional roller coasters with this one that he will need more.

I really don't know what more to say without spoiling the whole thing so I'm just gonna leave it here.


Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout review on Wednesday


Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout As it appears on The Accidental Reader: Book Reviews and More

Okay I will try to review this book as much as i possible can without making any spoilers and I will stop drooling over Daemon like a girl trapped on a freaking island with no sight of boys for months!!!

Obsidian is amazingggggggggg, is awesommmmmeeeeee it is just GREAT. Okay now lets move to the actual review...

First of all, I loved the fact that the story was not an insta - love kinda romance but a more like I-LOVE-YOUR-GUTS-SO-HARD-BUT-THERE'S-NO-WAY-I'M -GONNA-LET-YOU-KNOW story and that goes until the end of the book. That made me starve me for kissing, sex whatever between the two main protagonists Daemon (sexy dude) and Katy (bookworm).

To be honest with you the whole thing kind of reminded me of Twilight (yes i know )but a lot more intense and with no corny -cheese lines so don't be disappointed because it's not as stupid, actually I didn't find the book stupid at all except at some points where it was similar to Twilight.

The book is building up suspense in the right speed ,not to fast not to slow but as it should be and that made me turn the pages faster and faster. Also the word usage is amazing and there are some swears in it and a lot of description which i love particularly in steamy scenes..if you know what I mean.

The characters could not be more amazing and developed. I fell in love with Daemon immediately and I adored Katy too. Armentrout created a paranormal romance novel but Daemon and Katy are so human that you can relate to them. They have their faults and make their mistakes and surely they have a lot of stubbornness that you want to slap both of them. The rest of the characters are cool too and I liked them a lot, even the b*** of the whole thing in the end you get to like her.

To be honest with you, I expected a book with all the cliche situations and a protagonist that falls in a second for the sexy neighbor next door but that was beyond expectations. The author just crashes all the cliches and gives Katy a backbone.

This is a novel with lots of sense of humor, sarcasm and cleverness that you will enjoy so so so much. I am sure you will never forget this book.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller - Antonia Michaelis As it appears on The Accidental Reader

I have been staring the screen for half an hour now trying to come up with a review for this beautiful, heart wrecking book. I can' i will let everything out.

I had this book sitting lost in my nook library for like months now..I always passed it by without even thinking of reading it until i decided i should on those weird moments every bookworm has...grab a book any book and read. I never read the synopsis of books because i hate it. I just open a book and read and this time I was blown away.

It starts with blood and it finishes with blood...the in between is just a heart breaking story of a well bred girl falling in love with the school drug dealer and his cruel reality. The need to help and the need to be understood and loved goes beyond imagination in this story. Was she staying with him because it was something different and exciting to do or because he pitied him or because he loved him? Did she care about him or felt sorry for him and his little sister?

The answer to all those questions came towards the end of the book where Anna forgives the unforgivable act of Abel - then any reader can realize that if you love someone enough you forgive , you continue to care and put yourself second. The relationship between those two made me re-evaluate some things. Some things that I learned long ago and never actually thought about.

This is one of the books that emotion swallows you full and you can't do anything but continue reading because you love the perfect made characters. Some readers said that they got annoyed with this book but i dont know what...for me it is a perfect read. A perfect depressing love story that will appeal to all the fans of Forbidden.

I loved how the fairytale can be mixed with reality and mystery in a love story so strong that Romeo and Juliet seem like kids love. The translation seemed a little stiff but knowing German this is how it is supposed to be. The author did a good job with the usage of words and i guess the translator should get credit for it too.

The Storyteller is one book I will never forget and probably go back to it at some point in the near future.


Matched - Ally Condie As it appears on theAccidental Reader

When this book released back in 2010 i didn;t want to read it because of all the aftermath of the Hunger Games and the infamous controlling society. Well, now that i read it I felt so guilty and stupid that i didn;t earlier.

The story takes place in the future, in a world where The Society rules everything and in a world where people are being watched and monitored all the time. In a world where there is no knowledge of history and art and any chance of creation. In a society where they choose who to marry and love...and then we meet Cassia. A girl that obeys all the rules and does everything by the book until she sees Ky and reads a poem. Then everything changes.

Being fascinated by the boy she can't have and being intrigued by his otherworldly knowledge of things she never knew Cassia finds herself falling deeper in love. I loved the way the author took his time with the characters. You can actually feel the need to read more and lose yourself in the magical and painful world of Ky and Cassia.

This book is all about taking control of your life and be who you want to be. Do what you want and get what you want. It;s a book about the power every person hides inside him and how he or she decided to use it. I hated the Society a lot and i actually thought that i could never live in a world like this and that made me feel more about the characters. The characters are well developed and down to earth, to the point where you can actually relate yourself to them.

This book is all about revolution and you can feel it in every single page. I am sure that all the fans on Divergent and The Hunger Games will love love love this book.

Simply Irresistible

Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis ">As it appears on The Accidental Reader book reviews and more

This book made me laugh, cry, love and do the same stuff all over again. In other words is a love story about finding yourself and taking control of your life.

I don;t have a lot to say about this book because it is just a cliche love story with a lot of humor. The writing was amazing and the characters were more than just developed. I believe that any reader will be able to find himself in one of the characters.

I loved Jax so much. He is hot, sexy, romantic, understanding and so so so so good it hurts. For a second i thought he was the ultimate boyfriend and made me look at mine with a whole another perspective hahah. What I didnl;t like is that the author made him too good to be true and that is kind of stupid, it felt like he was a superhero with no faults at all.

The whole book itself was a nice experience to me. The description was amazing that I thought I was next to Jax and Maddie walking around Lucky Harbor.

I totally totally recommend this book.

How to Love

How to Love - Katie Cotugno The Accidental Reader: How To Love Book Review

The book tells the story of Sawyer and Reena two completely different individuals who fall in love and do everything wrong or at least wrong in the eyes of a 20-year old that went through this shit and thought it was right. sigh.
Reena was in love with Sawyer since she could remember herself and at the age of 15 - socially awkward and by nature quite sees her best friend hooking up with Sawyer - then life goes to hell.
She stops speaking with her friend and spends 7 months alone working after school and trying to cope with life and heartbreak until Sawyer reaches out to her.
The book is divided in before and after chapters making it totally exciting for the reader (no sarcasm there) to want to read more from the Before and more of the After story. Now here comes the conflict. I don;t know if i hate Sawyer from the Before or I love him because he is an 18 year old that messed everything up for himself and Reena due to personal problems and drugs but he is there every time for her because he loved her.
Now that I think about it i have an explanation for his actions - it was Reena, because she wanted to leave the shitty town , travel the world and leave Sawyer behind to bear with heartbreak. Eventually he is the one that walks out on her leaving her pregnant (he didn't know) and alone to cope with her religious father and a judgmental town.

The After story is two years later when Reena has a baby and suddenly Sawyer returns from the dead. No one knew where he was or what he did and of course they were not sure if he was alive. She turns her life upside down and the old feelings start to resurface again once she spends a little time with him. She makes some hasty decisions right there and then and goes back to his house for ''dinner'' and she totally loses it when they kiss -so she takes 5 steps back. I hated the After story because the only person that actually showed some kind of emotion was Sawyer and at some point i really really threw the book on the wall because Reena was so stupid.
The writing makes the reading even more interesting and simply you can;'t put the book down no matter how much you want it to. I loved the characters but I would like to see a little more emotion and a little more of Sawyer. Reena was a Snow Queen with absolutely no expression of emotion and that was really frustrating because -lets all admit it - who likes a character like that?
Otherwise the book is an amazing read that I totally related with the characters and the story itself because as a sketchy teenager I was i went through the same shit- sans the pregnancy - and now I am married to the boy that made my life so interesting and crazy.


Grotesque - Natsuo Kirino The Accidental Reader Book Reviews and More

This book confused me so much when it comes to the rating. It;s one of those books that belong in the in between and I really didn't know how to rate it. So I closed my eyes and gave it a 3.

Like all Natsuo Kirino's books you get to see the story from multiple POV'S and I guess that's a good thing but not in Grotesque. At some point the narration becomes really boring while we get to know the background of Yuriko's murderer , and my opinion is that it was unnecessary for the author to do so in this book. I would like the book a lot better if it was based on two POV's instead of 3. It would me more mysterious and more fast paced and enjoyable rather than painful. Although , I wanted to commit suicide from boredom I couldn't put the book down because it was enjoyable from a whole different aspect...modern Japan.

While the main protagonist lives her life and tells the story of her sister Yuriko we get to see a Japan so much different than the cuteness and the happiness that we know. It's a Japan dark and grey where people judge from appearance and are nosy and above all they see mixed Japanese as ''bastards'' . You get to know the ''goods'' and bad's of prostitution and why people choose this kind of life. Kirino did a really good job with the writing in this one, although the translation had a lot of mistakes and at some points you couldn't make sense, blending fiction with reality in a book that was really intriguing and in the end sad.

I didn;t enjoy this book as much I did with Out and Real World but I have to give it to her for her writing and the way she makes you see the real world people live in.

Entwined with You

Entwined with You - Sylvia Day As it appears on the Accidental Reader: Entwined With You book review

Finally I finished the Crossfire Series (although it's n0t the last book I wont continue with book number 4).

My personal opinion is, now that I read all 3 books, that Day dragged the story a looootttt. Actually there is not anything really new going on in this book except from the suspect for the death of Nathan.
Sex is the same, obsession is the same the only thing that kind of changes is where everything takes place and how Eva falls harder for Gideon than ever before and agrees to marry him.

What I didn't like is that in this installment of the series I didn't have the chance to connect with any of the characters of the book and that was more than just a little disappointing. The only one that I continue to have feelings for is Eva's mother - that bitch needs to die.

Actually I dont' have anything more to say about this book and if you need more well read the reviews of the first two books - it;s pretty much the same.

Again I wouldn't recommend this book to someone under the age of 17 due to messed up sexual content.

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